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Clean Games are ecological strategic quests. We empower people to see the problems of environmental pollution through the game. We want to share our method with you because we believe that game form can be really efficient to bring new people to ecological issues.
207 cities
Number of cities in the whole World where Clean Games are already conducted
411 games
In some places games have become regular activity
31 729 participants
All of them gain new experiences with waste
631 tons of garbage
More than half of garbage are recycled. 1-4 tons are collected during each game.
Slightly more detailed
Players participate the game in teams from 2 to 4 people. At the game start they get equipment and go to collect garbage. Teams get points for each bag of garbage when they bring it to collection points. At the collection point special «Buyer» evaluate bags according to the game rules.

Bags might be more «expensive» if meet the requirements of separate waste collection (ex. plastic, glass) or «cheap» if it is a mixed waste. Also if you found in the trash something that you consider interesting or have a version of how it can be reused, you bring it to the collection point and convince the "Buyer" that it deserves attention / that it can be reused. If you succeed, it gives you extra-points!

Where players removed large accumulations of trash, they can create a mark on the geolocation through our mobile app and get extra points. The result is an interactive online map. Also there are special tasks provided like photo hunting and ecological quiz.

How we spread the idea
We gathered our experience into a detailed guide
How to prepare for an event, what equipment is needed, how to make budget, how to work with the government, Media, public and so on.
Every person or business* can join Clean Games
If you want to use our method, just write to us and we will help you to organize your game
We support organizers remotely during the process
We will guide you at every step of preparation for the event. We also have a network of coordinators in different cities of Russia.
What's the value?
For people
Bring your friends and family and join the game. Make your community cleaner and have a lot of fun outdoors. Get ready to work hard and win real prizes. Entrance to the event is free. After the game celebrate with picnics and entertainment activities.
For business
Socially responsible team building for employees of your company. Become the image of a socially responsible company in your city. We offer for business:
— Conduct corporate and business-to-business Clean Games
— Become an official sponsor of public Clean Games
For government
Clean Games make more people involved with environmental volunteering. The competitive style creates fun incentives to collect more garbage. Participants are taught to separate waste collection, creating a new culture of environmental responsibility.
All of our events are coordinated with local governments. In 2017, the Year of Ecology in Russia, Clean Games received support from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives of the President.
Reviews from players
Clean Games is a very interesting project on cleaning territories. I took part in many games and was winner. For clean-up I was given prizes! According to the game rules garbage must be collected separately and for this it is necessary to develop a team strategy: how, to whom and what to collect. Play in the fresh air doing something good. The project is focused on real results, which is very pleasing. The culture of separate collection of waste only comes into our country — sorry, it's late.
Vitaly, 31
The tour was great. Shane tells fascinating stories about cities and people who used to live there. He knows so much we never were bored on the road. I liked traveling with a group, it's fun.
Inessa, 18
After games I have become interested in ecology. Everything started from the first game at Vuoksa lake. Than with my husband we participated many times. Now I sort waste at home and recommend this to other people. Unfortunately, many of my friends still don't understand why to take the trash for recycling.
Valeria, 29
Let's Get Together!
We want to share our experience with the World
Dmitry Ioffe, founder of Clean Games
«We started this project just for fun, as an experiment, but in the process Games turned out to be a great instrument for society. We developed a method, which can be used widely and offer support for people who want to conduct Clean Games in their area»

Latest News

Clean Games Internship is Coming Soon (May 18th)

Something wonderful is emerging from the World's largest country and popping up in every corner of the globe bringing smiles, companionship, and a sense of achievement and hope in a time of uncertainty and seemingly endless bad news about the environment. The recent #trashtag and trending has shown how young people are taking the initiative to cleanup their local environment, posting before and after pictures of their actions.

Developing community resilience and raising awareness in a playful yet serious way Clean Games is encouraging everyone to organise their own cleanup events involving young people and showing that their actions can really make a positive difference to their community. Very simply Clean Games are team competitions, collecting litter and sorting it, resulting in a beautified space that contains an educational aspect about the types of litter which society produces and how to eliminate or reduce it. Essentially a cleanup as an activity which is engaging, fun and blending it with a competitive element in order to create a sense of urgency appealing to our inner urge to make a better world and develop ourselves on a day to day basis.

Anyone can organize their Clean Games. And the Clean Games team can help during all of the stages. To make it easy to get started there are four formats of Games - from simple to complex. Depending on your own courage and responsibility, you can choose one of the formats and organize a very simple game for your friends and acquaintances, or a whole festival. The recommended a number for your first clean games is 50 people.

You can find more about formats here
Getting Creative and Having Fun

The events also involve local authorities as well as businesses who sponsor the Clean Games with prizes for the winners. Waste management and waste sorting education is provided in the form of a fun game as the teams take responsibility for the cleaned area while getting to know each other and doing a good deed together. And some games have been customized with their own theme tunes, design and specific rules, which suit the distinct, culture or country and a unique atmosphere to the event as a themed party.

Usually there is 2-3 hours of gaming, 2-3 hours of picnic and an award ceremony. A lot of things can be played with, the main element though is an enormous sense of satisfaction. With the Clean Games App and live updates on the website and app, you can map trash and gain points making the digital experience measurable, fun and attractive to sponsors to provide prizes.

Calling Out Around the World – Apply Now!

In May, Clean Games will be running a four day internship programme where delegates will get hands on experience of organising a Clean Games event in St Petersburg, and also learn about waste management from Zero Waste expert Päl Martenson. Accommodation, meals and even a cultural program to get to know the city are included as delegates from around the World will learn how to organise their own Clean Games tournaments which will culminate in Worldwide competition on Sept 21st World Cleanup Day. The number of paid places is limited. Don't hesitate and apply!

Today's record is 600 participants gathered at one of the Clean Games in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Clean Games is currently tripling in size every year and this is set to grow with your help. In 2016, the Clean Games were held in 8 cities, in 2017 in 40 cities, in 2018 in 200 cities in Russia alone.
Promotion Engagement Results

There are multiple methods to promote a Clean Games in your community. Firstly, work with schools, universities, and likeminded partners and, most importantly, opinion leaders of the district or city where the game is being held. As a team game, for example, a football team, or a music group, or maybe a youth club or school are great place to start. This allows people to compete with each other, as in sports. Only in our case - this sport benefits the environment.

The amazing this is that Clean Games are relevant to virtually everywhere there is trash. So far Clean Games have primarily focused on the countries of the Baltic Sea region close to the main team from St. Petersburg (Russia) yet it has also spread as far as Venezuela, India, Nigeria and Nicaragua.

The most active country today, of course, is Russia, because this is where the project was born. In 2018 on World Cleanup Day 200 cities of Russia involving 5000 people removed 98 tons of garbage, 53% of which were collected separately and went to the secondary recycling. In Russia, famous actors and statesmen have been involved as the action becomes more and more popular.

The tournament on September 21st will be the first international tournament. Clean Games can take many formats depending on the experience and bravery of the organisers. One main partner in this project is Union of the Baltic Cities, which recommended participation in the project to its member cities and if the city administration supports it, they will be able to allocate resources and help attract sponsors.
Next Steps

On May 18th over 4 days we will conduct an internship programme in St. Petersburg during the St. Petersburg Clean Cup, so apply now for a place and learn, engage and have fun with one of the fastest spreading movements and important partners in the Let's Do It! World network. http://cleangames.tilda.ws/balticcleancup or drop a line/WhatsApp to the founder of Clean Games: Dmitry Ioffe + 7-921-320-55-20

Paul Emmet, Lets Do it

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